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    Crusader Kings 3 – The Royal Court – See your throne room

    Crusader Kings 3 new dlc The Royal Court showed up recently. Now you will be able to see your castle and your courtiers. Also , you can interact with people in it. Moreover, dlc is promising more object you can display in your courtyard. And this is not all . There will be more options more culture system. According to Paradox , you will be able to adapt your culture and even you can add your own ideas. I don’t how wide it will be .But, it can be similiar to religion part of game.

    Royal Court Price

    This DLC is free for people who own royal edition. If you don’t have royal edition , price will be $30.

    what will be The Royal Court release date?
    It is still unknown.

    If they are going to add 3D diplomacy interactions between kings (or queens). I can say that it will be amazing. If you ask me my opinion . I can say that game is going to be all 3D real time form. Maybe we can even watch battles in real time.

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    Monitor Mode with Raspberry Pi 4 Model B

    In this page , I will explain how to turn monitor mode on. My Raspberry Pi 4 has Raspbian OS. I tried this method on computer with Ubuntu. It is also working well. I am not gonna explain how to setup in this article.

    My raspberry pi 4: https://amzn.to/3eY8Wnb
    Raspberry is not directly supporting monitor mode. I am using external usb antenna to collect beacon frames , mac address…etc

    If you ask which wifi adapter support monitor mode , I would recommend something like this.
    antenna 1 : https://amzn.to/2Rrlx9u
    or I don’t use but if you have budget problem.
    antenna 2: https://amzn.to/2T0xH9X

    I recommend airmon-ng to collect data.

    if setup is done correctly. you can write

    sudo airodump-ng wlan1

    wlan 1 is my antenna’s name. Yours can be different. you can learn it by writing

    As you see from image my wlan1 is in monitor mode.

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    Bose companion 2 series iii Easy Sound Fix

    If your bose computer speakers- Bose companion 2 series iii are not working properly. There can be several reason for that. I will try to explain some of common problems in this article.

    Bose computer speakers have no sound or bad quality

    Error can happen at user side or hardware. Firstly , you should be certain about device not muted. You should reset it first.

    How to reset Bose companion 2 series iii :

    • Turn the system off
    • Unplug the power cord from the power outlet
    • Wait 60 seconds
    • Plug the power cord into a working power outlet
    • Turn the system on

    Be sure cable are properly connected. If it is still not working You would like to change cables.
    Audio Cable : https://amzn.to/3tOX4bp

    if only left speaker is not working. Then check connection port for left speaker in right speaker. If cable is plugged well. That means problem is in left speaker which make you to contact for warranty.

    Bose companion 2 series buzzing or static noise

    It can be very small noise but annoying for sure. There can be several reason like caused by electrical interference. Be sure no other cables are touching to audio cable or in other words “crossing cables”.

    Bose companion 2 series iii installation

    backside of right speaker

    Slot by slot(top to bottom)
    1) Connection cable for left speaker
    2) Dc Power cable
    3) Aux input for auxiliary devices
    4) 3.5 milimeter jack for your computer. ( you should connect this one to your computer case – audio slot)

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    Resident Evil – Village Lady Dimitrescu Easy Nude Mode (explained step by step)

    The famous game was immediately moded. Lady Dimitrescu (aka big lady) has been modded. You can make her completely naked or dress whatever you can find. You can also change clothes of daughters as well. I will be success of the modders is admirable. Game was released few days ago. but I am not complaining of course.

    How to change files and add nude mode from nexus mod via vortex

    It is bit complicated for new users but let me explain. Dont worry it is totally free and once you do it , you will be able to download any available mod you want. This won’t work for PS5 or PS4.

    1. https://www.nexusmods.com/ use this link and be member.
    2. You need to activate adult content to see so click to your profile which is in top right corner
    3. Press to site preferences – > content blocking -> allow adult content
    4. https://www.nexusmods.com/about/vortex/? download this app and setup
    5. once you start app download mod from https://www.nexusmods.com/residentevilvillage/mods/73?tab=description

    Now Lady Dimitrescu should be without clothes. Once you start download , it will use that app to add mode. you want to deactivate mode you can vortex app again. You can check for more mod from there since you downloaded vortex it will be easy. You can also change daughter’s ( cassandra , bela , daniela) clothes.

    from here : https://www.nexusmods.com/residentevilvillage/mods/12

    Is this mode safe?

    This mode is totally safe . It is just changing Dimitrescu model files. Swapping some features or removing them at all. I have been using this website modding skyrim and fallout. Nothing bad happened.

    How to play as Alcina Dimitrescu

    You can play dimitrescu. This mode changing ethan’s model with Dimitrescu. If you downloaded Vortex successfully , you can directly download mode from this link.
    When link opens press to mod manager file download.


    If you can’t download vortex , you can try fluffy manager mod.


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    Town of Us – New Among Us mode

    Town of us is Among us based game. This game can remind you Town of Salem. It is true because we can say that it is combination of both games. There are more roles in this mode than original one. As you know , original has only imposter and crewmate. In this version there are engineers , lovers , jester , sheriff and more. If you are tired from base game or want to try something different , I can suggest this mode to you.

    Easy way to download and install Town of Us

    1) Start Among Us from Steam
    2) Go to this website -> https://github.com/slushiegoose/Town-Of-Us
    3) Check version of your Among us – If you don’t know how to check it. You can find it top left corner of game.
    4) Find your version on given link and download
    5) Once you download rar file , open steam application. Find Among us in your library and right click, -> Manage -> Browse Local File

    6) Drag and drop everything from zip file to that folder (Among Us Folder)
    7) When you start game , if you see green line “loaded TownOfUs Mod” .
    Well done , you did it.

    Unfortunately , town of us cannot be played through ios and android smartphone. But , you can play it through bluestack. Steps are similiar , all you need to find file locations. It is bit hard without steam.
    If you are get black screen error , you should try to change resolution.

    Player with mod can play with other players. But opposite is not possible.

    But , do you get banned for that? Let me warn , you are illegally modifying game. There is no action taken until now. It is hard to say how developers act in future.

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    Disturbing Parody maker Youtube Channels – Meatcanyon

    If you are looking for disturbing parody cartoon making youtube channels my number 1 is Meatcanyon. They are turning famous characters into disturbing abominations. Sometimes their target is peppa the pig , sometimes it is garfield. They are truly good at making ordinary characters scary. If you see a properly drawn characters(not monsterized) you should worry about them. They are oftenly dying. Their lastest video was about “dababy”

    Why is wabbit season(bugs bunny) removed from meatcanyon’s channel?

    Wabbit season was parody of bugs bunny. It is showed like molester. Weirdly , Warner Bros. copyrighted that video in 3 hours. Yes ,video deleted in 3 hours after its upload. Some of the meatcanyon fans are now claiming that video is cannon. After that, Meatcanyon gathered all the characters they made and made a funeral named as “RIP Wabbit Season” video. Some of the participating characters were yu-gi , ed,edd,eddy, fin & jake , pinocchio , sasuke , naruto, anakin , ben10 ,gwen…

    Who is behind Meatcanyon?

    Mastermind behind this channel is Hunter August Hancock(Age: 51 Born 1970). He is from Texas , US.

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    Fictorum Game Review and Tips

    Fictorum is a RPG game where you can play as chaotic sorcerer. You can destroy buildings , use elemental magic and create havoc. Also, there are lootable and droppable items like gears, spell tomes and secret items around map. You need a decent PC to play it with good graphics. Unfortunately , Fictorum is not available in PS4.


    We can categorize gears under these items as robe , gloves , shoulder , boots and 2 ring. These items can grant you mana , mana reg, defence ,magic boost , movement speed. Plus each item has its own rarity level. Rarer is better. Also ,you have 4 spell book slot. You can change these books with different spells during game. The followings are the types of spells you can use , fire , ice , lightning , earth , corruption , wind. But best part is combinations. You can edit power,speed, size of spell and you can create different combinations. The image below contains detailed information. That triangle part is setting for my fireball skill. It has multi shot, high velocity , high explosive abilities.

    In-game inventory

    Tomes and combinations

    Tomes are spell you can summon while playing. I will convey my views about the tomes I use.


    First skill you get in beginning of game. It is useful because it cost low mana , high range , fair damage. Even I have finished two chapter already still using this tome. When you combine this skill with high velocity , you can snipe whole enemy outpost.


    This skill is very fun to use but useless against multiple enemies. It is creating a projectile that spreads fireballs to the environment. Good tome to create havoc. Unfortunately it is hard to hit enemies and demands very high mana cost. Useless. Good with manifest combination.

    Frost Spear

    Its name says a lot. It create single spear like ice. Very high damage and low mana cost. If you have good aim it is very good item. Good with high velocity combination(which increasing its range and speed)


    It is creating a tornado that moves erratically .Nice aoe , damage and stun. Very good at close range , average mana cost , fair damage. Better with massive , stun , high velocity combinations.


    Pillar is earth based skill which create earth pillar trap. Yeah it is trap when enemy enters aoe , trap is getting activated then send your enemies to space. I am using this to gain high ground advantage.

    Fire Wave

    One of my favorite …Extremely good for destroying buildings and close range enemies. It is like fireball but from groundbased. Fair mana cost ,high damage and aoe but low range. It gets far more dangerous with combination of multi-shot , concentrate , massive.


    It is like fireball with higher damage but lower splash radius and very slower projectile.However good corruption skill , I have started to use this one instead of fireball. You can eliminate its weakness with high velocity , massive and ,high explosive.


    Doombolt was best skill I have encountered so far. Extremely high damage , instantaneous movement , fair mana. Not over yet , it is corruption skill that can revive killed unit by your side. Also , when you add magic reach (gives super range) and concentrate (high damage) you can one shot someone from other side of map. 3 doombolt is enough for some of bosses. With persist , it even gets more stronger.I have killed chapter 5 boss with 2 hit.

    Lightning Strike

    Lightning Strike is legendary tome and OP skill. It has extremely high aoe ,good damage and very high mana. You need to combine it with magic’s reach(extra range), high- explosive ( even makes bigger area). You will turn into Zeus , strike down your fury upon mortals.

    I will upgrade this page for more skills.

    I wish mods are exist for fictorum. But even , there are no available mods in nexus.

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    Hero Wars ads are annoying

    Whenever I see these ads on youtube chill goes down through my spine. Even its music ringing in my head. din diririn din diririn… But what is worse let me explain you. Thing you see on those ads are not real gameplay. Actualy game is strategy like your average army and castle game. You improve your stuff around get better. And of course , there are microtransactions.

    Are hero wars ads misleading?

    Even I hate this game I can’t say yes. They add these stuff as mini-game ( tower game , save princess , loot) which are quite rare. Otherwise , it is illegal and they are quite shrewd. But question is if these games are more fun than your terrible game why don’t you let us play these. Let me answer my own question -microtransactions-.

    They are promoting adblocker more than actual game. Spamming cringe hero wars ads are not making us to play it.

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    Remove clothes in photos with AI

    There is a website to let you remove clothes freely. It is empowered with AI. Its name is deepsukebe.io . You can use this to make people naked. It is working well for certain photos. You need to wait like 90 min to upload next photo. Also , you can buy premium if you don’t want to wait.

    Is deepsukebe safe?

    It is photo upload website. You are sending photos to server then it is starting to work on them. Finally , it will let you upload photo. I checked files (even used antivirus). It is safe to use. I didn’t get premium so I can’t tell something about that.

    How to use deepsukebe?

    As I tested free version , it doesn’t work on all photos. People in photos have to be few clothes on (swimsuits are good example). They need to face to the camera directly. Unfortunately , I can’t add example photos. Well if you have this kind of photo , all you need to do press pick your photo. After that , photo will show up in screen. Use settings below and prepare it. Finally you can press to blue button which is in right side of press pick your photo.

    I am also removing clothes. you can contact with me to personel requests. discord :

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    Move on from ex101

    It is hard to move on from things we get used to. But sometimes harsh things are happen or we have to go through different ways. You want to forget , but you can’t. This leaves you in dilemma. I will write about how to forget your ex.

    First thing is you should want to forget. Next one is…


    Mementos can make your burden harder. You should get rid of them. Big or small get rid of anything that is reminding them to you. Also , you should block them from every social media. If you have mutual friends do not hang out with them. People and places can also be reminder. But , if you ask “we are working in same place. what should I do?”. I will try to give different idea.

    Find new hobby

    You need the find new hobby in order to make your mind busy. My advice is you should choose hobby which make you interact with other. You shouldn’t want to spend time alone. Because, being alone with our own thoughts can tire us.

    Change yourself

    Changing your appearance is second thing to be done. Get different hair color or haircut or maybe new clothes. Because , you want to be new person. You want to reborn . According to greek mythology , phoenix turns into ashes and rises all over again. Your motto should be like this.

    phoenix : https://amzn.to/3bVv9kw