Hero Wars ads are annoying

Whenever I see these ads on youtube chill goes down through my spine. Even its music ringing in my head. din diririn din diririn… But what is worse let me explain you. Thing you see on those ads are not real gameplay. Actualy game is strategy like your average army and castle game. You improve your stuff around get better. And of course , there are microtransactions.

Are hero wars ads misleading?

Even I hate this game I can’t say yes. They add these stuff as mini-game ( tower game , save princess , loot) which are quite rare. Otherwise , it is illegal and they are quite shrewd. But question is if these games are more fun than your terrible game why don’t you let us play these. Let me answer my own question -microtransactions-.

They are promoting adblocker more than actual game. Spamming cringe hero wars ads are not making us to play it.

Remove clothes in photos with AI

There is a website to let you remove clothes freely. It is empowered with AI. Its name is deepsukebe.io . You can use this to make people naked. It is working well for certain photos. You need to wait like 90 min to upload next photo. Also , you can buy premium if you don’t want to wait.

Is deepsukebe safe?

It is photo upload website. You are sending photos to server then it is starting to work on them. Finally , it will let you upload photo. I checked files (even used antivirus). It is safe to use. I didn’t get premium so I can’t tell something about that.

How to use deepsukebe?

As I tested free version , it doesn’t work on all photos. People in photos have to be few clothes on (swimsuits are good example). They need to face to the camera directly. Unfortunately , I can’t add example photos. Well if you have this kind of photo , all you need to do press pick your photo. After that , photo will show up in screen. Use settings below and prepare it. Finally you can press to blue button which is in right side of press pick your photo.

Move on from ex101

It is hard to move on from things we get used to. But sometimes harsh things are happen or we have to go through different ways. You want to forget , but you can’t. This leaves you in dilemma. I will write about how to forget your ex.

First thing is you should want to forget. Next one is…


Mementos can make your burden harder. You should get rid of them. Big or small get rid of anything that is reminding them to you. Also , you should block them from every social media. If you have mutual friends do not hang out with them. People and places can also be reminder. But , if you ask “we are working in same place. what should I do?”. I will try to give different idea.

Find new hobby

You need the find new hobby in order to make your mind busy. My advice is you should choose hobby which make you interact with other. You shouldn’t want to spend time alone. Because, being alone with our own thoughts can tire us.

Change yourself

Changing your appearance is second thing to be done. Get different hair color or haircut or maybe new clothes. Because , you want to be new person. You want to reborn . According to greek mythology , phoenix turns into ashes and rises all over again. Your motto should be like this.

phoenix : https://amzn.to/3bVv9kw

Solution for PS5 heating problem

Do your PS5 fan is noisy and is there a heating problem? If you say yes to this question there can be problem. Several situations may have caused to this issue. If you get “your ps5 is too hot” message try these.

Don’t put your console on carpet or couch. Fans can get dirty so fast. You should use wooden or stone platform.
Don’t close vent with any object. As you need breath , your console too.
Don’t use vacuum cleaner to clean fans. It creates electrical field which can harm fan.

How often should you clean your ps5

It depends on place where you put it and if you are smoking in same room. There can be heating problem. It can be noisy , you would like to clean it. I recommend to clean it twice a year. But ,it can be more or less.

Best way to clean the PS5 vent.

When you open side panel , you’ll see fan , ssd socket and cd-rom part.

1)Firstly , unplug your ps5 and open side panel to begin.
If you don’t know how to open it check out this article. If you take out any compenent you can void your warranty.

Fan Component

2) Use air compressor for cleaning it unless you have very strong lungs. Use compressed short burst of air throughout directly to middle indent around console and other dusty parts ( usb ports , vents).
Don’t aim can of compressed air to PS5 components. You can push dust further. For fingerprints use microfiber cloth to swipe it gently.
Compressed Air Duster : https://amzn.to/37SayuV
Microfiber Cloth : https://amzn.to/3r7qy3W
3) Close panels and clean the dust you blew away.

It Takes Two (game)

It Takes Two is co-op action adventure platformer , focus on married couple who were in edge of divorce. They turned to toy by their daughter. You can play as Rose’s parents Cody or May. And with the help of love book Dr.Hakim , you’ll control these characters. One of the best thing about this game is there is no single scenario. Every scene has its own unique gameplay. Now , we will talk about It Takes Two’s gameplay.

In one scenario , players will team up with squirrels against wasps. They will use squirrels weaponry RPG and slime gun. Slime gun makes things heavier and blastable by RPG. Team will match these weapons to their advantage.

In different scenario , players will get different polar of magnets. You will use these magnets to find your way in level. Sometimes you will jump to cogwheel. But sometimes, you will try to escape from danger.

You will use new mechanic in every level. It depends on what character you are playing as you’ll have different experience. So if finish the game , this makes game replayable. There are no collectibles. It focuses on gameplay. That makes it great co-op game if you are looking for something to play with your partner. Also , there are multiple mini-games you can compete with each other. Youneed only one copy of the game to play with your friend.

It Takes Two Game Price

It is $39.99 on steam. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1426210/It_Takes_Two/

It is $39.99 on Amazon.

Game will be available at 26th March.


Reference: https://blog.playstation.com/2020/12/10/introducing-it-takes-two-the-wildest-co-op-ride-of-your-life/

Playstation 5 Fan Noise Fix

Loud Disc Reader

Firstly to solve fan noise , fully power off ps5. You must pull out cables after that. Check your PS5 console find side with logo then turn other side ( side with no logo). Take out Side panel. White side with 4 nail on it is HD Blu-Ray drive. But , our job is with Fan. Fan is vibrating and creating internal noises. Take screws around fan and take it out. Be sure which screw belongs to where. (don’t sit on carpet or armchair or couche while doing this , ground yourself , you dont want to create static charge.)

There can be label like this. You can cut it , sometimes it cause to noise.

Be sure inside of fan clean. We don’t want anything to touch fan. Use O-rings for screw holes. Inner Diameter 3mm , Cross section 4.5 mm and Outer Diameter 6 mm. We will use these to decrease vibration noise.

O-rings : https://amzn.to/3aBmP8T

8TH screwdriver : https://amzn.to/3kcEnv5

It must look like this.

Use O rings again on screw holes before you put fan shield object.
Grab your screws and start tighten it down as much as possible.

Lastly , put side panel back. This should fix fan noise.

PS5 Protective Case

PS5 is very valuable thanks to scarce stocks. Even , it is very hard to find protective case. We do not want it damaged during travelling or wrap it with clothes. Clothes can be dangerous for PS fan system. Another problem is size of the console. It is not easy to find bag which can carry ps5. So the demand is too high for PS5 protective case. It should be waterproof , big and high quality.

Sony top downloads of 2020 PS5 and PS4

In 13th january , sony shared most-downloaded games of 2020. According to list, we can easily say that Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War most popular game for PS5 and PS4. Fifa 21 and Fifa 20 became the most popular game in europe for PS4. It is not very surprising. Europe is cradle of football. Also , GTA V entered to list which is concering me. It is cool game . But we want GTA VI and if they are still successful. I am wondering when they start to work on that game.





Playstation 5 may run out of stock – this can be last chance

High demand for Playstation 5 can cause to stock problem in world wide. Group of people who bought it during pre-purchase can consider themselves lucky. Because there is great interest for the console. This may be your last chance from Walmart ,Amazon, Sony, etc. before stocks run out again.

Buy through Amazon PS5 Link :https://amzn.to/3pvGlZI

Sony admitted it

Playstation 5 sales are already exceeded Playstation 4. According to Playstation’s CEO Jim Ryan. “The demand as expressed by the level of pre-order has been very considerable”. He also added Ryan said Sony is “working as hard as we ever can” to meet demand. Pre-orders are already out.The pandemic was effective in this regard. Many players will have to wait for the next sale.

Next release day is unknown

If stocks run out, it is not clear when will the next production be. But it is expected to happen after New Year’s Eve.

Playstation Advances of Physical Copy of Game

Games are getting expensive each generation. New games are $10 more expensive than before now. You already paid for PS5. So it is getting hard to find money for games. However , physical copy of games are still a thing. You can always resell it to almost same price. If you don’t replay completed games. It is very logical to sell the game after you finish it. By this method , you can always buy new games.

Physical Games: https://amzn.to/34RbONU

Games are Cheaper in USA

For example, Call of Duty Cold War $70 in USA while same game £65 in Europe. But £65 is equal to $77.18 for now. So players in europe are paying $7.18 more. Maybe this sounds not that much. But let’s say you bought 10 games. Now , difference is $71.8 dollars. If you buy multiple physical copy of games at once. You can get more benefits.

Avoid shipping fee…

If it is eligible , you can avoid shipping fee and choose same day delivery with amazon prime. Also , it has free trial for 30 days.

Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial