Hair Care and Damage Solution in Pandemic

Recently, as the COVID-19 situation drags on, people are less likely go to outside and spending time at home is getting longer. The popularity of self-home care products, hair care continues to increase. Especially, hair care product receive positive reactions from consumers because they can be easily managed at home, take less time and are cheaper than hairdressers and stores.

Hair Damage

Cost of hair loss treatment for women has increased by 30% over the past years . This means that hair loss, which was often considered a symptom of only men, is no longer a problem limited to a specific gender. Unlike men, women with a recessive hair loss gene are more affected by internal body changes and environmental factors than genetic influences. The most common causes of hair loss in women are pregnancy and childbirth, excessive diet or wrong products.

Although there are differences between the symptoms and stages of hair loss in men and women, there are some common points. The hair in the middle of the head becomes thinner, the total amount of hair decreases, and the number of hair shedding increases. When the thickness of the hair, which is predominantly in the parting part, becomes thinner, it is considered to have entered the hair loss phase. In the middle stage, the number of hair shedding increases and the area of ​​the exposed scalp increases.

Hair care product residues and waste products accumulate around the hair follicles and prevent oxygen supply. As a result, the hair follicles weaken and the hair becomes thinner and the number of hair loss increases. A scaling treatment that cleanly removes the waste accumulated around the hair follicles and purifies the scalp, preparing the scalp to fully accept nutrients.


Wooden puddle brush for scalp message:
For purify scalp :
Fortifying serum :


Hair is often described as damaged when there is an empty space and thinning of the hair.

regenerating hair care mask that provides intense feed the hair with its plant-based oil :

Argan oil helps to damaged hair :

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