Monitor Mode with Raspberry Pi 4 Model B

In this page , I will explain how to turn monitor mode on. My Raspberry Pi 4 has Raspbian OS. I tried this method on computer with Ubuntu. It is also working well. I am not gonna explain how to setup in this article.

My raspberry pi 4:
Raspberry is not directly supporting monitor mode. I am using external usb antenna to collect beacon frames , mac address…etc

If you ask which wifi adapter support monitor mode , I would recommend something like this.
antenna 1 :
or I don’t use but if you have budget problem.
antenna 2:

I recommend airmon-ng to collect data.

if setup is done correctly. you can write

sudo airodump-ng wlan1

wlan 1 is my antenna’s name. Yours can be different. you can learn it by writing

As you see from image my wlan1 is in monitor mode.

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