Oculus Rift

It is a vr * device that will completely change imaging technologies in the future, but one of the biggest reasons for this is that it is the first device to enter the market so solidly. The electronics market has seen a lot of vr devices before, but there has never been another device that is so supported by the gaming market (by very important names).

There is only one reason for this, even the first developer version of the device is really very good. The reason is that it consists of two very simple factors: the cheap prices of the electronic devices required for such a device to function properly (gyros, magnetometers, small and high-resolution) light monitors etc.) and superior software support.

Virtual reality glasses, which is announced that the screen will work at a resolution of 2160×1200 and 90Hz. Oculus Rift requirements:

Nvidia geforce gtx 970, amd radeon r9 290 or higher video card,
intel core i5 4590 or higher processor,

8GB or higher memory stated as.

Although it may seem like a high-end system *, it is worth remembering that this list is not the minimum but the recommended system.

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