Top 10 Type of Crewmates in Among Us

There are 10 type of crewmates , you will encounter while playing Among Us. We prepared an article for that. You can even find yourself in this list. Here is the our top 10. 1- Taskmaster Taskmaster is crewmate who enjoys doing tasks and finish it as soon as possible. Even death doesn’t stop them from doing duty. Also, they are very prone to teamwork. Taskmater is the biggest fear of the imposter. 2-Lyncher Lynchers don’t follow the game much. They are expecting someone to be targeted. As soon as someone targeted , they are immediately vote them out. These players are very dangerous and help out to imposters without knowing. They are known for being less talkative. 3-Framer Framers are fake imposters who dressed up like crewmate. They like to blame someone. These people don’t look for evidence or reason. They are throwing you in front of the lynchers. They do this even though they have no gain in it. 4-Leaver This type of crewmates are leaving as soon as game starts. They want to be an imposter. If they don’t get it they’ll just get out of the game. As you can understand from their name. Games with more than 2 impostors will be more challenging because of this type of player. 5-Afker Sometimes when the game starts and sometimes when become ghost, they stay afk. These players do not contribute to the game and cause damage to it. If they die early , they don’t do tasks as a ghost. So the game doesn’t end before the imposter dies or wins. 6-Stalker These types of players are enjoying to follow others. They are tracking well and contributing to the team this way. These players are sometimes on the admin panel and sometimes on security cams. If they can throw the imposter in front of the lynchers, they can win the game. 7-Time Waster This type of players are pressing the emergency button for no reason. Ultimately, they are wasting other players times. They are kind of troll. These players won’t do much for the team. They usually die in first 2 minute by ejection. 8-Convincer These players are famous for their persuasion skill. They can convince other crewmates. They usually save or punish anyone they want. These guys are biggest enemy of framers. Convincers are very useful if they are your ally. But if they are imposter , you are screwed. 9-Panic Attacker This type of crewmate fears from its own shadow. Their biggest nightmare is electricity. If someone follows them, they will rush to emergency button and press it immediately. They can be confused with time wasters. They are fearing from the stalkers mostly. 10-Discorder These crewmates are the worst type of players. They are killing the whole fun. They are revealing the name of the imposter in fraudulent ways. Sometimes , they are working for their imposter friend. As soon as they are noticed, they should be punished by other players. These are the type of players I observed in game. If you see or know different types feel free to share with us in comment section.