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BNB Diamond – Aims and Guide to Buy

BNB Diamond (BNBD) is one of the new promising coins. People are expecting sharp increase in price as soon as coin shows on crypto market. There are also on-going projects like mobile application , NFT marketing , diamond wallet. If devs can hold these promises . as holders say , it can reach to moon. This is type of buy and forget coin. Isn’t all top coins started like this.

How to buy BNB Diamond (BNBD)?

There are several ways for sure. But I will explain the one I know.

  1. Get trust wallet application to your phone. It is available on play store. Once you start trust wallet app it will give you some keywords. Don’t forget to save your random keywords. Otherwise , you can lose your wallet.
  2. Buy cryptomoney from somewhere . I used and bought Chain Link.
  3. You need to transfer your money to trust wallet. So enter to application press on Smart Chain. If it didnt show up on your e-wallet , press on icon on top right and find it. Press to copy option. It will copy your wallet code. Enter it to binance and proceed. As soon as money shows up on your wallet go to step 4.
  4. Use DApps tab on your wallet. Then choose pancakeswap (dont use v1).
    Use these tabs trade ->exchange . Choose smart chain ( or whatever you bought) for from part . You need to select currency for “To” part.
    Once you press to select currecy you need to enter this code 0x3c730718c97a77562866b5d29b33228c019eac68
    to search part. Without this code you can’t find it in list. (check first image below)
  5. Last step before swap change slippage to %12. (check second image). Finally press to swap.

Home page of BNBD :

If you find this little guide useful here is my donation address :

Avoid Your Hands Getting Oily – N4chox Picker

Do you enjoy eating cips while using console or PC? If your answer is yes , you know how hard it can be while using them. Components are getting oily and it is very hard to clean. But , there is way to avoid it. You should get potato chip grabber.

potato chip grabber :

Oily Food Picker is finger protector that helps you to touch oily , stick food without getting your hand dirty. It is good for gaming. you can eat your cips or whatever then takeout protectors and grab your gamepad. Protectors are reusable so you can wash it.

Crusader Kings 3 – The Royal Court – See your throne room

Crusader Kings 3 new dlc The Royal Court showed up recently. Now you will be able to see your castle and your courtiers. Also , you can interact with people in it. Moreover, dlc is promising more object you can display in your courtyard. And this is not all . There will be more options more culture system. According to Paradox , you will be able to adapt your culture and even you can add your own ideas. I don’t how wide it will be .But, it can be similiar to religion part of game.

Royal Court Price

This DLC is free for people who own royal edition. If you don’t have royal edition , price will be $30.

what will be The Royal Court release date?
It is still unknown.

If they are going to add 3D diplomacy interactions between kings (or queens). I can say that it will be amazing. If you ask me my opinion . I can say that game is going to be all 3D real time form. Maybe we can even watch battles in real time.

Monitor Mode with Raspberry Pi 4 Model B

In this page , I will explain how to turn monitor mode on. My Raspberry Pi 4 has Raspbian OS. I tried this method on computer with Ubuntu. It is also working well. I am not gonna explain how to setup in this article.

My raspberry pi 4:
Raspberry is not directly supporting monitor mode. I am using external usb antenna to collect beacon frames , mac address…etc

If you ask which wifi adapter support monitor mode , I would recommend something like this.
antenna 1 :
or I don’t suggest but if you have budget problem.
antenna 2:

I recommend airmon-ng to collect data.

if setup is done correctly. you can write

sudo airodump-ng wlan1

wlan 1 is my antenna’s name. Yours can be different. you can learn it by writing

As you see from image my wlan1 is in monitor mode.

Hero Wars ads are annoying

Whenever I see these ads on youtube chill goes down through my spine. Even its music ringing in my head. din diririn din diririn… But what is worse let me explain you. Thing you see on those ads are not real gameplay. Actualy game is strategy like your average army and castle game. You improve your stuff around get better. And of course , there are microtransactions.

Are hero wars ads misleading?

Even I hate this game I can’t say yes. They add these stuff as mini-game ( tower game , save princess , loot) which are quite rare. Otherwise , it is illegal and they are quite shrewd. But question is if these games are more fun than your terrible game why don’t you let us play these. Let me answer my own question -microtransactions-.

They are promoting adblocker more than actual game. Spamming cringe hero wars ads are not making us to play it.

Move on from ex101

It is hard to move on from things we get used to. But sometimes harsh things are happen or we have to go through different ways. You want to forget , but you can’t. This leaves you in dilemma. I will write about how to forget your ex.

First thing is you should want to forget. Next one is…


Mementos can make your burden harder. You should get rid of them. Big or small get rid of anything that is reminding them to you. Also , you should block them from every social media. If you have mutual friends do not hang out with them. People and places can also be reminder. But , if you ask “we are working in same place. what should I do?”. I will try to give different idea.

Find new hobby

You need the find new hobby in order to make your mind busy. My advice is you should choose hobby which make you interact with other. You shouldn’t want to spend time alone. Because, being alone with our own thoughts can tire us.

Change yourself

Changing your appearance is second thing to be done. Get different hair color or haircut or maybe new clothes. Because , you want to be new person. You want to reborn . According to greek mythology , phoenix turns into ashes and rises all over again. Your motto should be like this.

phoenix :

Playstation 5 Fan Noise Fix

Loud Disc Reader

Firstly to solve fan noise , fully power off ps5. You must pull out cables after that. Check your PS5 console find side with logo then turn other side ( side with no logo). Take out Side panel. White side with 4 nail on it is HD Blu-Ray drive. But , our job is with Fan. Fan is vibrating and creating internal noises. Take screws around fan and take it out. Be sure which screw belongs to where. (don’t sit on carpet or armchair or couche while doing this , ground yourself , you dont want to create static charge.)

There can be label like this. You can cut it , sometimes it cause to noise.

Be sure inside of fan clean. We don’t want anything to touch fan. Use O-rings for screw holes. Inner Diameter 3mm , Cross section 4.5 mm and Outer Diameter 6 mm. We will use these to decrease vibration noise.

O-rings :

8TH screwdriver :

It must look like this.

Use O rings again on screw holes before you put fan shield object.
Grab your screws and start tighten it down as much as possible.

Lastly , put side panel back. This should fix fan noise.

Sony top downloads of 2020 PS5 and PS4

In 13th january , sony shared most-downloaded games of 2020. According to list, we can easily say that Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War most popular game for PS5 and PS4. Fifa 21 and Fifa 20 became the most popular game in europe for PS4. It is not very surprising. Europe is cradle of football. Also , GTA V entered to list which is concering me. It is cool game . But we want GTA VI and if they are still successful. I am wondering when they start to work on that game.



Playstation 5 may run out of stock – this can be last chance

High demand for Playstation 5 can cause to stock problem in world wide. Group of people who bought it during pre-purchase can consider themselves lucky. Because there is great interest for the console. This may be your last chance from Walmart ,Amazon, Sony, etc. before stocks run out again.

Buy through Amazon PS5 Link :

Sony admitted it

Playstation 5 sales are already exceeded Playstation 4. According to Playstation’s CEO Jim Ryan. “The demand as expressed by the level of pre-order has been very considerable”. He also added Ryan said Sony is “working as hard as we ever can” to meet demand. Pre-orders are already out.The pandemic was effective in this regard. Many players will have to wait for the next sale.

Next release day is unknown

If stocks run out, it is not clear when will the next production be. But it is expected to happen after New Year’s Eve.