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    Earn Up to 1000$ with Pressure Washing

    Did you ever heard water pressure washing. This is new trend and very satisfying job. You can earn up to $1000 in a day for cleaning filty bricks. All you need is Pressure Machine. No need for skill , all you need to do is aim to the dirt. And let the magic happen. Here is the amazon link:

    Pressure washing gun : https://amzn.to/3MzBMte

    High-pressure water spray can remove dust, mold, mud and dirt from tiles and bricks. You don’t need any external cleaner , all you need is access to water. Pressure washing is effective on driveways , roofs , deck, sidewalks.

    What is Turbonoozle?

    Turbonoozle is a tip with 0 rotating degree. It has excellent cleaning power for very small area. It is stronger than 15 degree , but covers less area. It is better for hard to surfaces.

    here is nozzletips

    Once you buy Pressure Washer Gun , you are ready to pressure water wash. Simply , go house by house and ask for cleaning.

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    GTA V is turned to pay to win

    If you searched for “is gta 5 pay to win” , I can proudly say to you ” yes ,you are right”. I know some people won’t agree with me. I will share my personal experience in this text as a newbie on GTA V. But , first let me something clear. You can make everything like paid player without giving single penny to Rockstar. First thing first , you need to waste most valuable thing time. You need to grind like slave.

    Bulletproof and Blastproof cars are op

    These cars are totally newbie buster. I couldn’t count how many times I died to these guys. They can simply do drive-by shooting while you can’t do anything than pray. these cars are the biggest reason I have played on passive mode most of the time. Moreover , they are extremely good in quests. Those hardcore tasks are turning to joke with these cars. Problem is these cars are either expensive or require level which you don’t have as a newbie. Also there was a car like batmobile. That can ram you to death without consequences.

    How to make money?

    Yes , this is a neat part. You need to grind. You should do same quest over and over. If you have friends , you can try heists. If you are lonewolf like me then you are screwed. You need to play with random people. And you probably know about disconnect and return to lobby screen. Frustrating… If you pay real life cash. You don’t need to deal with these.


    In summary , you will get bullied a lot. Paid newbie will start with armored cars or even plane while you are trying to survive. Quests will be harder. Because , you are depended on to regular cars. And tasks are paying really , really low. These are the reasons why I am saying it is pay to win.

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    Yakuza Boring

    Let’s be clear something at first , I just played Yakuza 0 and Yakuza 1. So , I will criticize them. Plain and simple , Yakuza is just boring game. Repetitive combat system , exaggerated jokes , walking simulator… These are some of the reasons came to my mind. The biggest argument of those who like the game is the side missions. But , I attribute so many side quests to the shallowness of the game. I’ll be honest because when I heard about series I thought it is somewhat like GTA series. I was a little disappointed when I realized it wasn’t like that anyway.

    Repetitive combat system

    There are 3 different fighting style in game. It is all good up to this point. Game is giving you different styles and various combo moves. But , it feels like you are beating same enemy over and over. Don’t get me wrong , I am not talking about random encounters you get with kiryu. Even , story villains are just not losing. I can give an example of batman and joker.

    Exaggerated jokes

    I will not talk about on this one su much. Because ,it is somewhat personal thing. I found the jokes and events very absurd. I can say that it is Japanese like humor. If you don’t know about it , let me give you the idea. Exaggerated gestures ,expressions and animations…

    Representation of defeated enemy from https://www.reddit.com/r/yakuzagames/comments/kxigqb/when_you_defeat_an_enemy_in_yakuza_0/

    Walking simulator

    I hated about this most. At beginning of game , you are doing errands. Each task giver makes you run from one place to another. And no , you can’t steal a car (not like gta). In one of the missions , you need to get info about something. To get this information, you need to buy a drink for the beggars. There was like 5 beggars. And each one wants different beverage. You are running shop to shop to find their alcohols. But , let me give you worst thing. Random encounters while walking around city. While on duty, you have to beat a punks on the way. They are everywhere and once you defeat them. They likely to respawn as soon as you leave the area. So , when you return you had to fight them again.


    If you are into Japanese culture , you can enjoy some parts in the game. If you don’t like slow going story and GTA like experience. You should try something else.

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    Grand Theft Auto 6 Syria Rumor

    Rumors about GTA 6 started to coming. Next game can be about syrian refugees. You will start as fugitive who fleeing from war. Once , you reach to Turkey , you will try to get your grand theft auto type of business there. According to source , your real goal is reach to Europe. But of course, I believe Rockstar won’t use real country names. Also , There can be playable female character in this game. If that happens , It will be first in series.

    If you don’t know there is ongoing war on Syria. Human traffickers are taking one place to other. These people are living in bad situation , working for survive. Looks like rockstar affected by this situation that they are preparing their next game Grand Theft Auto 6 for such a scenario.

    Character name can be “Abdul Kareem” who lost his whole family during war except his brother. He escaped from war and take shelter in to his brother. His brother is living in Istanbul and has kebab restaurant. But , their shop is in trouble because of rivalry in same streets. Kareem will try to save his last family member and sail to the Europe.

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    Samsung is going to buy new companies

    Samsung published its financial report. They made 11 billion dollar last year. And now , company worth more than 114 billion dollars. With $114 billion in cash, Samsung plans to acquire new companies. Experts mentioned that companies called NXP, Texas Instruments and Microchip Technologies. But so far nothing like this has happened.

    Ben Suh, a senior Samsung executive, also made statements that regarding the agenda while explaining the financial situation report. Expressing that they are determined to increase their competitiveness , Suh said that they are evaluating new and large-scale purchases.

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    BNB Diamond – Aims and Guide to Buy

    BNB Diamond (BNBD) is one of the new promising coins. People are expecting sharp increase in price as soon as coin shows on crypto market. There are also on-going projects like mobile application , NFT marketing , diamond wallet. If devs can hold these promises . as holders say , it can reach to moon. This is type of buy and forget coin. Isn’t all top coins started like this.

    How to buy BNB Diamond (BNBD)?

    There are several ways for sure. But I will explain the one I know.

    1. Get trust wallet application to your phone. It is available on play store. Once you start trust wallet app it will give you some keywords. Don’t forget to save your random keywords. Otherwise , you can lose your wallet.
    2. Buy cryptomoney from somewhere . I used binance.com and bought Chain Link.
    3. You need to transfer your money to trust wallet. So enter to application press on Smart Chain. If it didnt show up on your e-wallet , press on icon on top right and find it. Press to copy option. It will copy your wallet code. Enter it to binance and proceed. As soon as money shows up on your wallet go to step 4.
    4. Use DApps tab on your wallet. Then choose pancakeswap (dont use v1).
      Use these tabs trade ->exchange . Choose smart chain ( or whatever you bought) for from part . You need to select currency for “To” part.
      Once you press to select currecy you need to enter this code 0x3c730718c97a77562866b5d29b33228c019eac68
      to search part. Without this code you can’t find it in list. (check first image below)
    5. Last step before swap change slippage to %12. (check second image). Finally press to swap.

    Home page of BNBD : https://bnbdiamond.net

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    Avoid Your Hands Getting Oily – N4chox Picker

    Do you enjoy eating cips while using console or PC? If your answer is yes , you know how hard it can be while using them. Components are getting oily and it is very hard to clean. But , there is way to avoid it. You should get potato chip grabber.

    potato chip grabber : https://amzn.to/3wMnRa5

    Oily Food Picker is finger protector that helps you to touch oily , stick food without getting your hand dirty. It is good for gaming. you can eat your cips or whatever then takeout protectors and grab your gamepad. Protectors are reusable so you can wash it.

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    Crusader Kings 3 – The Royal Court – See your throne room

    Crusader Kings 3 new dlc The Royal Court showed up recently. Now you will be able to see your castle and your courtiers. Also , you can interact with people in it. Moreover, dlc is promising more object you can display in your courtyard. And this is not all . There will be more options more culture system. According to Paradox , you will be able to adapt your culture and even you can add your own ideas. I don’t how wide it will be .But, it can be similiar to religion part of game.

    Royal Court Price

    This DLC is free for people who own royal edition. If you don’t have royal edition , price will be $30.

    what will be The Royal Court release date?
    It is still unknown.

    If they are going to add 3D diplomacy interactions between kings (or queens). I can say that it will be amazing. If you ask me my opinion . I can say that game is going to be all 3D real time form. Maybe we can even watch battles in real time.

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    Monitor Mode with Raspberry Pi 4 Model B

    In this page , I will explain how to turn monitor mode on. My Raspberry Pi 4 has Raspbian OS. I tried this method on computer with Ubuntu. It is also working well. I am not gonna explain how to setup in this article.

    My raspberry pi 4: https://amzn.to/3eY8Wnb
    Raspberry is not directly supporting monitor mode. I am using external usb antenna to collect beacon frames , mac address…etc

    If you ask which wifi adapter support monitor mode , I would recommend something like this.
    antenna 1 : https://amzn.to/2Rrlx9u
    or I don’t use but if you have budget problem.
    antenna 2: https://amzn.to/2T0xH9X

    I recommend airmon-ng to collect data.

    if setup is done correctly. you can write

    sudo airodump-ng wlan1

    wlan 1 is my antenna’s name. Yours can be different. you can learn it by writing

    As you see from image my wlan1 is in monitor mode.

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    Hero Wars ads are annoying

    Whenever I see these ads on youtube chill goes down through my spine. Even its music ringing in my head. din diririn din diririn… But what is worse let me explain you. Thing you see on those ads are not real gameplay. Actualy game is strategy like your average army and castle game. You improve your stuff around get better. And of course , there are microtransactions.

    Are hero wars ads misleading?

    Even I hate this game I can’t say yes. They add these stuff as mini-game ( tower game , save princess , loot) which are quite rare. Otherwise , it is illegal and they are quite shrewd. But question is if these games are more fun than your terrible game why don’t you let us play these. Let me answer my own question -microtransactions-.

    They are promoting adblocker more than actual game. Spamming cringe hero wars ads are not making us to play it.