Earn Up to 1000$ with Pressure Washing

Did you ever heard water pressure washing. This is new trend and very satisfying job. You can earn up to $1000 in a day for cleaning filty bricks. All you need is Pressure Machine. No need for skill , all you need to do is aim to the dirt. And let the magic happen. Here is the amazon link:

Pressure washing gun :

High-pressure water spray can remove dust, mold, mud and dirt from tiles and bricks. You don’t need any external cleaner , all you need is access to water. Pressure washing is effective on driveways , roofs , deck, sidewalks.

What is Turbonoozle?

Turbonoozle is a tip with 0 rotating degree. It has excellent cleaning power for very small area. It is stronger than 15 degree , but covers less area. It is better for hard to surfaces.

here is nozzletips

Once you buy Pressure Washer Gun , you are ready to pressure water wash. Simply , go house by house and ask for cleaning.

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