Fall guys vs Among Us

This year’s most popular games are Among Us and Fall Guys. These games especially preferred by young people. These are two rival companies. Although their subjects are different. The future of these two companies are making us curious. both games have been the subject of many memes on the internet . Even ,It is possible to find very nice products of two games on Amazon.

Among Us

With 3.5 million downloads in playstore alone, the game was actually released two years ago. It recently multiplied its popularity. It is a game where crewmates clash against imposters. While completing (or pretending to be doing) tasks on the ship , we are trying to win this game. The game is constantly updating and adding new clothes. Stylish t-shirts and toys are constantly published not only in the game but also on Amazon.

Among us t-shirts:

Among Us plush:

Fall Guys

Fall Guys

Our other game with 15.6 million active players is fall guys. The game gives us parkours or challenges and our aim is to complete it before other players. We have to beat multiple players in order to win. The game released on Aug 4, 2020 can have 60 players in one map. The game is constantly updating and adding new clothes. While the clothes in the game are updated, there are also products from Amazon , that will attract the attention of the fans of the game.

Fall Guys plush:

Fall Guys T-shirt:

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