GTA V is turned to pay to win

If you searched for “is gta 5 pay to win” , I can proudly say to you ” yes ,you are right”. I know some people won’t agree with me. I will share my personal experience in this text as a newbie on GTA V. But , first let me something clear. You can make everything like paid player without giving single penny to Rockstar. First thing first , you need to waste most valuable thing time. You need to grind like slave.

Bulletproof and Blastproof cars are op

These cars are totally newbie buster. I couldn’t count how many times I died to these guys. They can simply do drive-by shooting while you can’t do anything than pray. these cars are the biggest reason I have played on passive mode most of the time. Moreover , they are extremely good in quests. Those hardcore tasks are turning to joke with these cars. Problem is these cars are either expensive or require level which you don’t have as a newbie. Also there was a car like batmobile. That can ram you to death without consequences.

How to make money?

Yes , this is a neat part. You need to grind. You should do same quest over and over. If you have friends , you can try heists. If you are lonewolf like me then you are screwed. You need to play with random people. And you probably know about disconnect and return to lobby screen. Frustrating… If you pay real life cash. You don’t need to deal with these.


In summary , you will get bullied a lot. Paid newbie will start with armored cars or even plane while you are trying to survive. Quests will be harder. Because , you are depended on to regular cars. And tasks are paying really , really low. These are the reasons why I am saying it is pay to win.

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