Yakuza Boring

Let’s be clear something at first , I just played Yakuza 0 and Yakuza 1. So , I will criticize them. Plain and simple , Yakuza is just boring game. Repetitive combat system , exaggerated jokes , walking simulator… These are some of the reasons came to my mind. The biggest argument of those who like the game is the side missions. But , I attribute so many side quests to the shallowness of the game. I’ll be honest because when I heard about series I thought it is somewhat like GTA series. I was a little disappointed when I realized it wasn’t like that anyway.

Repetitive combat system

There are 3 different fighting style in game. It is all good up to this point. Game is giving you different styles and various combo moves. But , it feels like you are beating same enemy over and over. Don’t get me wrong , I am not talking about random encounters you get with kiryu. Even , story villains are just not losing. I can give an example of batman and joker.

Exaggerated jokes

I will not talk about on this one su much. Because ,it is somewhat personal thing. I found the jokes and events very absurd. I can say that it is Japanese like humor. If you don’t know about it , let me give you the idea. Exaggerated gestures ,expressions and animations…

Representation of defeated enemy from

Walking simulator

I hated about this most. At beginning of game , you are doing errands. Each task giver makes you run from one place to another. And no , you can’t steal a car (not like gta). In one of the missions , you need to get info about something. To get this information, you need to buy a drink for the beggars. There was like 5 beggars. And each one wants different beverage. You are running shop to shop to find their alcohols. But , let me give you worst thing. Random encounters while walking around city. While on duty, you have to beat a punks on the way. They are everywhere and once you defeat them. They likely to respawn as soon as you leave the area. So , when you return you had to fight them again.


If you are into Japanese culture , you can enjoy some parts in the game. If you don’t like slow going story and GTA like experience. You should try something else.

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