Grand Theft Auto 6 Syria Rumor

Rumors about GTA 6 started to coming. Next game can be about syrian refugees. You will start as fugitive who fleeing from war. Once , you reach to Turkey , you will try to get your grand theft auto type of business there. According to source , your real goal is reach to Europe. But of course, I believe Rockstar won’t use real country names. Also , There can be playable female character in this game. If that happens , It will be first in series.

If you don’t know there is ongoing war on Syria. Human traffickers are taking one place to other. These people are living in bad situation , working for survive. Looks like rockstar affected by this situation that they are preparing their next game Grand Theft Auto 6 for such a scenario.

Character name can be “Abdul Kareem” who lost his whole family during war except his brother. He escaped from war and take shelter in to his brother. His brother is living in Istanbul and has kebab restaurant. But , their shop is in trouble because of rivalry in same streets. Kareem will try to save his last family member and sail to the Europe.

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