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6 important tactics for imposter in Among Us

Among us is very popular in these days. One of the most enjoyable aspects of the game is being an Imposter. 7 important tactics for imposter in Among Us. I will share my knowledge in this post. If you are looking for useful information when you are an imposter, this article is for you.

1- Act like you are doing tasks

Pretend to be on duty so that you are not recognized as an imposter. You should deceive other crewmate. Be patient , make your prey trust you. There are even fake tasks for you. As an imposter , you can’t actually do these tasks. But Fake it until you make it.

2- Are they moving together? Divide and Conquer

Some crewmates are intend to move together. You must seperate them. Best tactics for this scenario. Sabotage the O2 . One of the panels of O2 is in admin room while other one is in O2 room. This will divide teammates. Now , it is your chance to show up.

3- Beware to Security Cams and Admin Panel

You should be careful to security cameras. There are cameras in four of the corridors in the game. When someone check the camera , there will be red light on camera. This is where you should be careful. Especially , most troublesome guy is for you the guy who checks admin panel. You can see whole map and location of players in admin panel. If someone goes missing for a while. They will check it. You should sabotage reactor or O2 in order to make them move. Also , you can go for lights which is very effective.

4- Don’t kill someone who accuses you

If someone accuses you don’t kill them directly. It will raise doubts about you. If accuser is coming after you, allow it for a while and continue to pretend you’re doing your duties. What if someone accuses someone else , kill the accuser then report the body. And tell your crewmates for example “hey guys this guy was accusing red , now he is dead. Red can be sus”.

5-Blame the person who caught you

Let’s say you killed someone, but someone else saw you. Now all you have to do is convince the crewmates that the imposter is not you, but the person who caught you. If accuser is the one who reported body first , tell to your teammate. “red killed this guy then give self report in front of me”. However, this will increase doubts about you.

6- Move Smartly

You should move smartly. Last thing you want is get caught around corpse. Leave the crime area immediately. Thankfully , you can change places quickly and easily with vents. Sabotage of the O2 or Reactor while escaping can be used to steer multiple people in the opposite direction. Maybe ,you want to recheck number 3.

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