Solution for PS5 heating problem

Do your PS5 fan is noisy and is there a heating problem? If you say yes to this question there can be problem. Several situations may have caused to this issue. If you get “your ps5 is too hot” message try these.

Don’t put your console on carpet or couch. Fans can get dirty so fast. You should use wooden or stone platform.
Don’t close vent with any object. As you need breath , your console too.
Don’t use vacuum cleaner to clean fans. It creates electrical field which can harm fan.

How often should you clean your ps5

It depends on place where you put it and if you are smoking in same room. There can be heating problem. It can be noisy , you would like to clean it. I recommend to clean it twice a year. But ,it can be more or less.

Best way to clean the PS5 vent.

When you open side panel , you’ll see fan , ssd socket and cd-rom part.

1)Firstly , unplug your ps5 and open side panel to begin.
If you don’t know how to open it check out this article. If you take out any compenent you can void your warranty.

Fan Component

2) Use air compressor for cleaning it unless you have very strong lungs. Use compressed short burst of air throughout directly to middle indent around console and other dusty parts ( usb ports , vents).
Don’t aim can of compressed air to PS5 components. You can push dust further. For fingerprints use microfiber cloth to swipe it gently.
Compressed Air Duster :
Microfiber Cloth :
3) Close panels and clean the dust you blew away.

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