It Takes Two (game)

It Takes Two is co-op action adventure platformer , focus on married couple who were in edge of divorce. They turned to toy by their daughter. You can play as Rose’s parents Cody or May. And with the help of love book Dr.Hakim , you’ll control these characters. One of the best thing about this game is there is no single scenario. Every scene has its own unique gameplay. Now , we will talk about It Takes Two’s gameplay.

In one scenario , players will team up with squirrels against wasps. They will use squirrels weaponry RPG and slime gun. Slime gun makes things heavier and blastable by RPG. Team will match these weapons to their advantage.

In different scenario , players will get different polar of magnets. You will use these magnets to find your way in level. Sometimes you will jump to cogwheel. But sometimes, you will try to escape from danger.

You will use new mechanic in every level. It depends on what character you are playing as you’ll have different experience. So if finish the game , this makes game replayable. There are no collectibles. It focuses on gameplay. That makes it great co-op game if you are looking for something to play with your partner. Also , there are multiple mini-games you can compete with each other. Youneed only one copy of the game to play with your friend.

It Takes Two Game Price

It is $39.99 on steam.

It is $39.99 on Amazon.

Game will be available at 26th March.


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