Way to see private Instagram profiles

Some people can be curious about whats happening behind those private accounts. But with this method , you can reach some of the accounts. There is a website called webpostegro. From this website , you have limited number of look to unlock account of your choose. Of course , you can pay to owner of website to get more view chance to unlock private account. Also , you can see who checked your account.

How is postegro working?

Firstly , you must login to postegro with your instagram account. There is a pool of postegro user. If someone from that pool is using postegro and follower of your target account to view , you can check that profile. If noone from postegro following that account you can’t reach it. Each time you successfully check account you lose 1 view point. At total , you have 3 number of views.

Is postegro safe?

Postegro is 3rd party website. It is collecting your personel data. As you can reach to others, they can reach to you. So you should use it your own risk.

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