Playstation Advances of Physical Copy of Game

Games are getting expensive each generation. New games are $10 more expensive than before now. You already paid for PS5. So it is getting hard to find money for games. However , physical copy of games are still a thing. You can always resell it to almost same price. If you don’t replay completed games. It is very logical to sell the game after you finish it. By this method , you can always buy new games.

Physical Games:

Games are Cheaper in USA

For example, Call of Duty Cold War $70 in USA while same game £65 in Europe. But £65 is equal to $77.18 for now. So players in europe are paying $7.18 more. Maybe this sounds not that much. But let’s say you bought 10 games. Now , difference is $71.8 dollars. If you buy multiple physical copy of games at once. You can get more benefits.

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