Playstation 5

PlayStation 5, the next generation game console to be released by Sony on November 12. The PlayStation 5 was really running fast enough to not show a loading screen. Sony said in a statement that the demand for the PS5 in the first 12 hours surpassed the demand for the PS4 in the first 12 weeks. In this article , We will share all information about Playstation 5. PS 5 games : PS 5, one of the next generation consoles that the game world is looking forward to, will be released on November 12. The console, which will bring the new generation graphics into our lives. Famous organizations and influencers operating in the United States featured exciting images of the next generation console in their posts. The platforms and people who claimed that they got the PS 5 and showed the box of the console in their posts. As far as we can see from the images, the new box of PS 5 did not have a special design. It was stated that the contents of the box included a PS 5 game console, wireless controller, HDMI cable, power cable and USB cable. Sony announced that PS5 5 will support many entertainment platforms. PlayStation 5, which will be more than a game console, will come out of the box with Disney +, Apple TV +, Spotify, Twitch, Netflix and YouTube apps. In addition, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu and Peacock will be added to the console later. Playstation 5 is really fast. The PlayStation 5 was actually running fast enough not to show a loading screen. The company’s new game console promises low loading times with its superior performance as well as its new generation graphics. In fact, the low loading time was one of Sony’s PlayStation 5 marketing points. It will minimize loading times thanks to its SSD with 825 GB of storage space. Especially , GTA V players will be happy. Today, the promise of Sony for the PlayStation 5 has come true. PS5 5 was able to execute Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales in almost 7 seconds. Even the loading screen almost did not appear. Great demand for Playstation 5 The statement made by Sony revealed how high the demand for the company’s next generation console is. According to the statement made by Sony, PlayStation 5 generated more sales in the first 12 hours than the PS 4 sold in the first 12 weeks. Largest of the Playstation family in size Some gamers stated that the PlayStation 5 is too big. Some gamers say that ,this is a futuristic design. PS 5 will have a height of 35-36 cm (width if you want to put it on the horizontally). If the calculations are correct, it will be difficult to fit Sony’s new console on the shelves. The comparative image above shows this very clearly. Moreover , it is even bigger than xbox models. It would be better to wait for a possible ‘short version’ to appear, similar to the Slim model. Of course, there is no guarantee that such a model will come out.