• covid and brain

    Covid19 Damages Brain Activities

    Scientists made a study of the damage caused by Covid19 to the brain. As a result of the research, it was determined that it damages the brain. As a result of the tests performed at 84 thousand 285, decrease in IQ was observed in some patients. Some patients were observed to age mentally up to 10 years.

    This conclusion was reached as a result of the studies of scientists working at Imperial College London, Cambridge University, King’s College London and University of Chicago. Research was done only to those who barely survived from the disease. Research by scientists reveals a relationship between the severity of the disease and the damage it causes to the brain. In other words, according to experts, the more severe the disease is, the more the damage to the brain increases.

    There are reports from all over the world that the Covid19 is spreading more. It is necessary to pay attention to the precautions until a cure is found.