• Galaxy Z Fold 2

    Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Durability Test

    Samsung’s new smartphone Galaxy Z Fold 2 subjected to endurance test. There was problems in first series Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 1. Because , it was prototype. Even Samsung tried to delay its release. Unfortunately , Z Fold 2 having a problem with the screen. Screen durability is very important in today’s phones. JerryRigEverything channel conducted an endurance test for the Galaxy Z Fold2.

    Fold 2 Endurance Test

    Like other flagship Samsung phones, the Z Fold 2 has a combination of glass and metal. Although the outer screen protected by Gorilla Glass Victus is resistant to scratches, the main point is that the inner screen does not perform well in terms of scratch resistance. It also appears that the hinge of the phone has made a significant improvement. There is no volatility in the hinge structure.