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Fictorum Game Review and Tips

Fictorum is a RPG game where you can play as chaotic sorcerer. You can destroy buildings , use elemental magic and create havoc. Also, there are lootable and droppable items like gears, spell tomes and secret items around map. You need a decent PC to play it with good graphics. Unfortunately , Fictorum is not available in PS4.


We can categorize gears under these items as robe , gloves , shoulder , boots and 2 ring. These items can grant you mana , mana reg, defence ,magic boost , movement speed. Plus each item has its own rarity level. Rarer is better. Also ,you have 4 spell book slot. You can change these books with different spells during game. The followings are the types of spells you can use , fire , ice , lightning , earth , corruption , wind. But best part is combinations. You can edit power,speed, size of spell and you can create different combinations. The image below contains detailed information. That triangle part is setting for my fireball skill. It has multi shot, high velocity , high explosive abilities.

In-game inventory

Tomes and combinations

Tomes are spell you can summon while playing. I will convey my views about the tomes I use.


First skill you get in beginning of game. It is useful because it cost low mana , high range , fair damage. Even I have finished two chapter already still using this tome. When you combine this skill with high velocity , you can snipe whole enemy outpost.


This skill is very fun to use but useless against multiple enemies. It is creating a projectile that spreads fireballs to the environment. Good tome to create havoc. Unfortunately it is hard to hit enemies and demands very high mana cost. Useless. Good with manifest combination.

Frost Spear

Its name says a lot. It create single spear like ice. Very high damage and low mana cost. If you have good aim it is very good item. Good with high velocity combination(which increasing its range and speed)


It is creating a tornado that moves erratically .Nice aoe , damage and stun. Very good at close range , average mana cost , fair damage. Better with massive , stun , high velocity combinations.


Pillar is earth based skill which create earth pillar trap. Yeah it is trap when enemy enters aoe , trap is getting activated then send your enemies to space. I am using this to gain high ground advantage.

Fire Wave

One of my favorite …Extremely good for destroying buildings and close range enemies. It is like fireball but from groundbased. Fair mana cost ,high damage and aoe but low range. It gets far more dangerous with combination of multi-shot , concentrate , massive.


It is like fireball with higher damage but lower splash radius and very slower projectile.However good corruption skill , I have started to use this one instead of fireball. You can eliminate its weakness with high velocity , massive and ,high explosive.


Doombolt was best skill I have encountered so far. Extremely high damage , instantaneous movement , fair mana. Not over yet , it is corruption skill that can revive killed unit by your side. Also , when you add magic reach (gives super range) and concentrate (high damage) you can one shot someone from other side of map. 3 doombolt is enough for some of bosses. With persist , it even gets more stronger.I have killed chapter 5 boss with 2 hit.

Lightning Strike

Lightning Strike is legendary tome and OP skill. It has extremely high aoe ,good damage and very high mana. You need to combine it with magic’s reach(extra range), high- explosive ( even makes bigger area). You will turn into Zeus , strike down your fury upon mortals.

I will upgrade this page for more skills.

I wish mods are exist for fictorum. But even , there are no available mods in nexus.

It Takes Two (game)

It Takes Two is co-op action adventure platformer , focus on married couple who were in edge of divorce. They turned to toy by their daughter. You can play as Rose’s parents Cody or May. And with the help of love book Dr.Hakim , you’ll control these characters. One of the best thing about this game is there is no single scenario. Every scene has its own unique gameplay. Now , we will talk about It Takes Two’s gameplay.

In one scenario , players will team up with squirrels against wasps. They will use squirrels weaponry RPG and slime gun. Slime gun makes things heavier and blastable by RPG. Team will match these weapons to their advantage.

In different scenario , players will get different polar of magnets. You will use these magnets to find your way in level. Sometimes you will jump to cogwheel. But sometimes, you will try to escape from danger.

You will use new mechanic in every level. It depends on what character you are playing as you’ll have different experience. So if finish the game , this makes game replayable. There are no collectibles. It focuses on gameplay. That makes it great co-op game if you are looking for something to play with your partner. Also , there are multiple mini-games you can compete with each other. Youneed only one copy of the game to play with your friend.

It Takes Two Game Price

It is $39.99 on steam.

It is $39.99 on Amazon.

Game will be available at 26th March.


Demon’s Souls Ps5

Another game that will make you pluck your hair because of its difficulty. It sounds like Dark Souls, game play looks like Dark Souls. Let me tell you something , developers of both games are same. FromSoftware video game company finished this project in February 2009. Demon’s Souls will return as remake to PS5. It must have already attracted many hardgame fans. They are creating fan groups on social media.

Demon’s Souls Gameplay

When you play the game online and connected to the internet, you can see the messages left by other players and the last moments before death. These messages will give you hints about how to defeat next boss. For example, hit to its feets or head and its weakness is fire. Especially , if you see blood puddles of other players in some areas , you can assume that there can be trap or enemies around. By this way , you won’t join to those poor victims. Additionally, if you are fan of designing your own player character. Game includes character customization.

Demon’s Souls Atmosphere

Lighting and effects have a much more realistic look; texture quality is good enough to please almost all gamers. This game will make you feel its dark and spooky atmosphere. Moreover , you’ll see all features of new technology RTX while playing. Demon’s Souls’ design will remind you Dark Souls.

Is Demon’s Souls going to be released on PC

There was rumors about game will be released for PC too. Sony stated that this was a mistake with the statement made by Kotaku; They underlined that Demon’s Souls is a game exclusively for PlayStation 5.

Amazon game link:

Cyberpunk 2077 Pre-Order PC

The parts that impressed me from the gameplay video:

+Dystopian world designed: even the ambulance arriving with gunmen gives a lot of insight into the world.

+Fragile walls, shelters etc… this should be standard now.

+I like alternative fps actions like sliding on the floor, jumping off the wall.

+Elaborate detailed animations. see how the system works in the operation at the doctor.

+The focus is on playability. For example, in the car chase scene, giving the steering wheel to the member in the next seat only focuses on shooting.

Crusader Kings 3

According to ck 2, the biggest improvement was the fluency of the game. The old game was starting to fail after 100 years and it had nothing to do with the speed of your computer.
I liked the 3D character display.
I didn’t like the pop-ups popping up right and left.
character search has been more detailed.
army management has changed. now a single commander is appointed. It may be a solution to divide the army into 3 and assign separate commanders.
If weak council members (diplomat, commander, spy head, etc.) have bad qualities, the country is causing disastrous damage. They removed the join court system or I could not find it. I don’t like that.
I’ve never looked at multiplayer, but I’m sure it got better. Let’s say they can’t do any worse than the previous game at least.
Those who know the gavelkind system knows. It was a very headache system. I think they relieved him in this game. because if you don’t like your heir you can eliminate it. Or you can arrange assassination plans against your children.
they made the game more beginner friendly.